About T3 4-Day Program

*Bankole Akinmola is part
of the John Maxwell team!

He is a certified John Maxwell
Global Leadership Coach!

What will I learn at Train the Trainers?

You will experience a condensed teaching mix of 3 powerful components: Grace Bootcamp (GBC), Leadership (LTI) and Global Mandating (GMI).

Below is a brief explanation of each:


Before you can excel at being a great leader, you must first partner with God to re-program YOU! This intensive training time is designed to soak you with the skills and principles of how to receive and extend God’s Grace. Learn to see life through the grace-lens, and therefore come into a considerable appreciation

of God’s prodigal love for all mankind. When you leave this bootcamp, you will magnify the person of Jesus and His finished work in a new dimension and thus a renewed and burning passion to serve out of delight rather than as an obligation.


Become a transformative leader – one who knows how to leave a mark that can never be erased. During the LTI training, you will learn 3 key principles:

  • Learn the top skills of successful leaders throughout history
  • Learn how to harness your voice to become an effective communicator.
  • Learn how to create a culture of success in any area of your life.These 3 principles are taught with practical tools empowering the Trainer the ability to apply immediately.


    Our focus will be to equip leaders to sit on the mountains of influence and power in a way that bring Kingdom values to be on the Earth as it is in heaven. We will train men and women to be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, subdue it and exercise dominion over it, so that the earth will be filled with “the knowledge of glory of God as the waters covers the seas.”

    Leaders (Trainers) who take this class will shift from their present focus of “ministry to the saints” into the age of “ministry of the saints,” by teaching, discipling and equipping the saints to transform, occupy and become positive kingdom-oriented change agents in whatever mountain they belong. We use the 7-mountain transformation approach.


Religion, Business, Government, Media, Family, Creative Arts and Education.

pastor bank akinmola world outreach missions-01

Pastor Bank Akinmola, a certified EQUIP leadership facilitator, also models leadership in such an accessible manner that those who serve with him, as I do, easily understand the correct application of leadership.

As a mentor, he has allowed me to participate in the articulation and preparation of leadership development modules that work.

He gets the credit for providing the practical platform for me to participate in leadership at both the theoretical and practical levels.”

– Published Author, Joseph Andrews

Are you ready to be equipped for lasting greatness in your family, your church or even your business?
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Successfully Complete These Requirements and You Earn Your Certificate!

Earning your Train the Trainers Certificate begins with 4 days of class participation, and completing required book readings. In addition, there will be two leadership challenges given. The Leadership Challenges are designed so you can apply the information presented and immediately begin to affect two generations younger than you. Does this seem impossible? NOTHING is impossible when you believe! The final step in certification is to return in a few months for the training practicum. This will either be in a one or two day live class.

After certification, you will be given a special login to access Bank Akinmola’s archive full of leadership resources. Your training with us does not end!
This archive includes teachings, blogs and videos to further assist you on your path in becoming a great leader.

Train the Trainers is no ordinary leadership program. It is designed to create seismic shifts in your life and in those lives you are called to influence.