Sponsor a Child from Thailand: Meet Piyathep

Piyathep-Sopochuensuwa god is love atlantaPiyathep will be joining the House of Joy family in May 2013. He will be 10 years old and entering 5th grade. When Piyathep was an infant, his father brought home a minor wife and was mistreating his mother, so his mom left with her three children. Piyathep has never seen his father, but says he wishes to meet him someday. After they left, the family had no home so the mother’s relatives allowed them to live in a tiny bamboo hut normally used for storing rice.

After that, she came down the mountain to work at a tea plantation. She and the three kids were living in a cramped worker’s dormitory room. As a migrant worker, she constantly has to move to find work which causes a gap in the children’s education. Piyathep’s favorite subject is social studies. When he grows up, he wants to be a soldier so he can help other people. Piyathep is a quiet, honest child with a heartwarming lisp and grin.


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