Meet WOM’s Family!

Pastors Bank & Sharon Akinmola

WOM is blessed with a group of people working behind the scenes to help others realize their dreams of becoming missionaries. These men and women form a strong posse providing training and leadership to would be missionaries as they prepare to go into the world and transform it!

Through the leadership of the founders Pastors Bank and Sharon Akinmola, the WOM staff has been thoroughly trained, groomed, equipped, prepared and empowered to lead others through their various ministries at WOM. By so doing, they are able to realize their individual calling and spiritual objectives. Thus WOM becomes a training ground both for the student and the trainer! Our staff comes with outstanding professional and educational credentials, but what makes them a perfect fit for the job at WOM, is their heart and passion for missions and their collective desire to see the Kingdom of God expanded here on earth!

World Outreach Missions, Inc – USA (Headquarters)
President and SET MINISTRY

About Pastor Bank Akinmola 
Bankole Akinmola is a nationally acclaimed minister of the gospel of Christ, a world renowned speaker, and authority on such Biblical concepts as The Tabernacle of Moses, The Father and Son Relationship, Top Line-Bottom Line Blessings, The Pattern andOrder of God;often drawing sharp parallels and painting vivid pictures for the Christian regarding God’s expectations of and willingness to bless His people.

Bank as he is often referred to, has a deep passion for missions; a passion that has enabled him to form liaisons with such organizations as The Bible League, lasting from 1995 to 2001. This partnership with The Bible League has produced an unprecedented and undeniable change throughout the regions of West Africa including Cameroon, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Gambia  and Liberia, where more than 20,000 conversions and baptisms of adults were recorded, resulting in the establishment of seven hundred and fifty five (755) new churches! In Nigeria and Cameroon, a combined total of a little over 50,000 people completed a Bible Study class and received their first Bibles. The mark of Bank’s ministry has been a remarkable gift to lead, motivate and inspire, combined with a rare desire and ability to help others identify and deploy their gifts.

Bank is also an accomplished author; his first book, Heirs of His Kingdom, continues to inspire many and to confirm our heritage and rights as children of the King of kings.  He is also a highly sought-after speaker at leadership conferences the world over and can be heard internationally mobilizing, compelling and creating awareness around his true passion, missions!

Bankole Akinmola’s involvement in Missions spans over twenty-two years and in this time he has organized outreaches to many nations. Without a doubt, God has placed an anointing and passion for missions on him, a passion that has infected all who have come in contact with him and driven him to train over 150 missionaries who currently serve in various nations around the world.
Bankole Akinmola is the founder and Set-Man of World Outreach Church for all nations in Lawrenceville Georgia, where the main thrust of the ministry is on raising strong families who will transform the nations by exercising kingdom dominion everywhere. He is married to Sharon and together they have three children: Bankole Jr., Mrs. Toyin Alonge, and Faith.

About Pastor Sharon Akinmola
As a little girl, Sharon Akinmola had a simple desire; to someday provide a nurturing home and create a God fearing atmosphere for her family, a vision that has become reality for as she lives today as the wife of Bankole Akinmola.  Born in Atlanta Georgia, Sharon is the epitome of a true Southern belle! She is  warm, gentle and full of grace; a grace that enables her to touch the lives of many women in a profound and life altering way.

Sharon’s dream for a God fearing home is one she translates into ministry as the Director of “WOW (World Outreach Women).  Through her leadership, many homes  have been restored to God’s order for the family as women are learning once again how to submit first to God, and then to their husbands.   Sharon is particular about women’s wholeness/health issues, dealing with the total woman—her spirit, body and mind.   She is convinced that many women are trapped/imprisoned in their minds and believes the approach to their deliverance is simple, “be transformed by the renewing of your minds” daily! (Romans 12:2).   As such, she has held many seminars and teachings on such topics as Godly Women of the Bible, Ashes to Beauty (discovering your inner beauty, grooming, personal hygiene and etiquette);  Submission in Marriage, Living Healthy Lives, and Raising God Fearing Children.  Her desire is to steer women into a deeper study of the word of God, particularly the study of the godly women of the Bible.  A hard working mother of 3, you’ll be hard pressed to find her sitting idle; she lives and leads by example.

Known for her favorite maxim “stand by your man”,  Sharon is her husband’s greatest supporter, ally, and cheerleader!  During their numerous travels around the world,  Bank and Sharon were moved by what they consider the disintegration of the family unit; it became increasingly apparent to them that one of the main reasons the church is in such turmoil is because families are severely challenged, and marriages troubled. God began to steer their hearts toward teaching, healing and restoring families back to Him. They are certain that when the family is whole the church and indeed the nation will be whole again!

Bank and Sharon, transforming nations by building strong families!